Granny Trish

The Stories of Jack and Rory


About the Book

My Granny Trish tells great stories and these ones are about two Labrador dogs called Jack and Rory and all the adventures they have throughout their lives.

Some of the stories have morals to them, lots of them are funny, and some of them are sad. Granny Trish says that because of some of the sad bits, this book might not be suitable for really little, or sensitive, children. I’m 7 ¾ years old and her stories about Jack and Rory are my favourite! My older cousins also love them, too. I really hope you enjoy them!

Plus Accompanying Colouring Book!

Introducing the Real Labrador Retrievers of Scotland Colouring Book – out now!

Featuring pictures of Jack and Rory as puppies, plus over 40 real Labrador Retrievers to colour in!


Meet the Author

Patricia Mackie

Oldbird Publishing is honoured to have secured the rights to Patricia Mackie’s first book, ‘The Stories of Jack and Rory’.

This first-time author used the 2020 lockdown as her opportunity to write the true stories of two Labrador Retrievers her family owned and loved in the early noughties.

Writing under the pen name ‘Granny Trish’, what started as a legacy story for her twelve grandchildren is now beautifully illustrated and in print.

Patricia, from Kirkcaldy, Scotland, has now published her second book, ‘Jed, the Very Hungry Labrador’.


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A Look Inside

Some of the lovely illustrations from The Stories of Jack and Rory brought to life!

Jack and Rory soon became firm friends.
Rory had disturbed a wasp ‘bike’, which homed thousands of sleepy, bad-tempered wasps!
Rory finds his forever home.


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