Kirsty Malone

Breezy the Windy Kitty

A Funny Read Aloud Picture Book for Kids


About the Book

This heartwarming tale follows Evie, a young girl living in a small town with her family. When a new cat called Breezy arrives, her life is forever changed. Not only does Breezy bring chaos and disruption to Evie’s world, but he also brings love, laughter, and friendship.

Despite his smelly and noisy ways, Breezy quickly earns the love and admiration of not only Evie but her family as well. With Breezy in her life, Evie learns the power of friendship and loyalty and that sometimes it’s the things that make us different that can make us the most special. 

If you enjoy classic children’s picture books in rhyming verse, you will love Breezy the Windy Kitty.


Meet the Author

Kirsty Malone

Kirsty loves swimming, travel, and escape rooms. She was once a forklift truck driver, worked in health and social care for 15 years, and is currently studying for a Masters in Nursing.

Kirsty is an advocate for talking about mental health. She has swum with sharks, and hiked the Great Wall of China, both for charity.

She has one daughter, a dog, and two cats. And now a book!


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A Look Inside

Some of the lovely illustrations from Breezy the Windy Kitty brought to life!

Evie got so excited, she couldn’t believe it, 
“This kitty’s so funny, I hope we can keep it!”
So if you like kitties, know right from the start
You must be prepared for the butt-burps (and PARPS!)
To breathe in clean air and be always together,
You’ll need open windows no matter the weather.