Granny Trish

Jed the Very Hungry Labrador


About the Book

Jed the hungry Labrador went running out to play,
But first, he stole some sausages and then he ran away!

His mummy, Leia, shook her head, “He’s such a naughty lad!”
But Leia loved him anyway, as Jed’s not really bad.

A pussycat, a guinea pig, two hamsters, bunnies too…
Life with the McGregors was like living in a zoo!

So come and meet the family,  your boredom will be cured.
With Jed the hungry Labrador, adventure is assured!

This charming chapter book is a heart-warming prequel to Patricia Mackie’s first book. For children aged 7+.


Meet the Author

Patricia Mackie

Oldbird Publishing was honoured to secure the rights to Patricia Mackie’s first book, ‘The Stories of Jack and Rory’.

The author used the 2020 lockdown as her opportunity to write the true stories of two Labrador Retrievers her family owned and loved in the early noughties.

Writing under the pen name ‘Granny Trish’, what started as a legacy story for her twelve grandchildren is now beautifully illustrated and in print.

Patricia, from Kirkcaldy, Scotland, has now published her second book, ‘Jed the Very Hungry Labrador’.


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A Look Inside

Some of the lovely illustrations from Jed the Very Hungry Labrador brought to life!

When Jed the Labrador was born, he was the biggest puppy in the whole litter, and he always made sure he was first in line for his share of his mummy Leia’s milk.
Jed was often in trouble with Jenny and Matt and his mummy Leia, who constantly told him off for eating all the rubbish he seemed to love!
The pets belong to Jenny, Matt, and their six sons – Adam, James, David, Mikey, Cameron, and Finn (who is born in one of the stories).
The MacGregor Family


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