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Black’s Ultimate Native American Herbalist’s Bible


About the Book

101 Medicinal Plants That Help Heal Various Ailments — And How to Consume Them Without Any Complicated Processes

Do you prefer natural medications over synthetic ones because you believe that the former way of healing is safer than the latter? Are you afraid of any invasive procedure to help to heal your illness? Do you want to save money without compromising your health?

While you may be aware of the natural remedies out there, you might still be thinking about whether or not they really are as effective as modern drugs.

But did you know that many conventional drugs don’t help you heal at the root cause? NCBI reports that most of the common modern prescriptions don’t treat the root causes of an ailment — only the symptoms.

Natural remedies are generally more effective than orthodox medicines… only if you know how to properly use those medicinal plants. According to Science Direct, the majority of the potent medicinal plants have relatively no adverse effects and are not toxic when used by humans.

Nature is here for a reason — you just need to be armed with the right knowledge about which plants are safe for your health, and which ones are not. So, if you don’t want to take modern medication any more because you don’t consider it your first option, here’s your way to get rid of those medicine bottles and start healing the natural way.

In Native American Herbalist’s Bible, you will discover:

  • Over 100 medicinal plants — and what specific illnesses they help to heal
  • What part of certain plants you should use to treat particular ailments
  • Why you should choose herbal remedies over orthodox medicines
  • How small amounts of active chemicals found in medicinal plants work in synergy to help you heal from diseases
  • 11 common Native American herbs — and how to grow them in your own backyard
  • What ‘Medicine Wheel’ means to Native Americans… and how it can guide you in creating a healthy, balanced life
  • How herbs can heal you on a holistic level so your body will not create another health problem after taking them

And much more.


About the Author

Jacob Black is a relatively young herbalist who grew up witnessing how others used medicinal plants to successfully treat different illnesses. Having learned from herbal practitioners for over 25 years, particularly his Cherokee grandmother, he knows how to use herbal medicines effectively for himself and his family.

In this book, Jacob focuses in detail on the 101 herbs that he believes are the most useful and effective. Aside from the natural healing properties of herbs, he sees using herbal remedies as a sustainable and cost-effective way of maintaining a healthy mind and body. He and his young family have been enjoying the health benefits of plants for many years. That positive experience has encouraged him to educate others as well and help them achieve a healthy life through natural ways, and so this book was written.

While he believes that western medicine has its own place for curing diseases, he still prefers herbal treatments for modern ailments and other illnesses as much as possible. When not working, you can find Jacob gardening, reading botany books, and teaching his own children the ways of the Creator.


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