Mia Wilson

Teddy Beddy Bear

Cover of Teddy Beddy Bear by Mia Wilson


About the Book

Imagine if your wee one lost their favorite teddy bear? How could they sleep at night?

This beautiful bedtime rhyming story encourages children to leave their teddy safe on their bed throughout the day, proudly guarding their room, so they can snuggle up safely with him again at nap time.

Reading with babies and toddlers increases bonding, establishes good routines early, encourages social development, and builds language and thinking skills. It also helps them associate reading with love, happiness, and fun – not just a chore they have to get through.

Mia Wilson’s ‘Teddy Beddy Bear’ is inspired by the beautiful bears around Jasper in Alberta, Canada, witnessed first-hand during a family summer holiday.

This book is perfect for anyone who loves bears, and doesn’t want to risk losing their little one’s beloved cuddly toy!


Meet the Author

Mia Wilson

Mia Wilson is a High School teacher and mother of two boys.

She wrote Teddy Beddy Bear after being inspired by seeing the beautiful live bears around Jasper, Canada, during a family summer holiday.

This is her first book.


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Teddy Beddy Bear is out now and available to buy on Amazon and at Waterstones.com.